Hair Rituals


chair400xA stress relieving head and neck massage heighten the following services.


Cut/Blow Dry/Style…30-45 Min $25 & Up
Blow Dry/Style…30-45 Min $20 & Up


Cut…30 Min $15 & Up
Facial Hair  Upkeep $5& Up


Cut and Style…60 Min  $60 & Up
A double indulgent treatment for the scalp and hair accompanied by an Acupressure Massage.

Individual Treatments as Add Ons

Scalp Treatment …15 Min $15 & Up
Hair Mask…20 Min $20 & Up

Special Occasion

Formal  Style…45-60 Min                55 & Up
Hair must be clean and completely dry for formal styles.

Wash/Style…30-45 Min 25 & Up

Color & Texture

Single Method… 90 Min 60 & Up

Retouch Only…60 Min 35 & Up
These are single application and process services.

Double Method…120 Min $90 & Up

Retouch Only…90 Min $60 & Up
These are double application and process services.
One to lift natural pigment and a second to restore depth.

Full High Lighting…90-120 Min $80 & Up

Partial High Lighting…60-90 Min 460 & Up

Perms…90 Min $60 & Up